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Stoneboys Project

Energetically warm, cosmic vibrations propagate the next composition of the new album by the Stoneboys Project. As like the last album "Harvest Soon" the trip goes far beyond in outta space to evade a prejudice look on Earth by distance. Music Videos about Urban-Nature-Berlin will follow this year as well. Visit us often here so you don't miss some of our visions.

Don't Forget The Moon

JKG Indie Theme:

Don't Forget The Moon

Don't forget the Moon. This is the name of the current theme which will appear here in next time as a purely virtual medium.

At our Soundcloud Streaming Site by Stoneboy Joe it's possible to listen many new tracks.

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Life is really short and you should live each moment in responsibility than it would be the last. As I looked up to the moon and the stars and got this weird feeling just to wonder how many eyes looking back to me from there?

Capture cosmic frequencies and convert them into melodies. These sounds are separated from reality and stroll into a realm of the unknown. This moment is no more and the rest of our life starts right now . . .

Digital recorded:

J.K.G. – Joaquino     Synthie & PC

M.R.S. – Mr. Taylor   Piano


Analog recorded sessions:

Max Drums and all...

Felix Synthie, Guitar and all...

Achim Synthie, Piano and all...

& Friends <3


The stoneboys are a project from JKG & Friends. We all raised in Berlin with the same addiction to art, climbing and travelling.

Next songs coming soon. Big thanks for listening !


Analog and digital recorded. All tracks composed by mfa & friends, mrs. Copyright by mfa, mrs. Recorded, mastered, mixed at Outstation Studios OPR and Institute of Sunset, BERLIN

Imprint: Produced by gelix - GERMANY

Webdesign, Photos & Covers: ©

© Joachim K. Gelhaar (JKG & Joaquino)